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yunteng vct 690 new photographic equipment aluminium flexible tripod for for nikon canon slr digital camera support with bag купить по лучшей цене

Features: - Light weight scalable can reach a maximum length of 1.48m. - Wrist rope intimate design more convenient to carry. - 1/4 internationally harmonized screw interface cork rubber mat protect your love machine from scratching. - Hydraulic damping head more smooth the handle can exchange left and right. - It is internationally harmonized 3/8 interface after the demolition of paw this interface can be connected to all the support equipment. - The bottom of the head is 3/8 interface can be used in combination with the support paw to achieve low shoot micro shoot. - Metal support paw more durable and more secure. - 360 degree rotation. - Vertical locking knob. - Innovative low foot hydraulic cabin. - Head and paw can be removed you can replace other types of head. - Plate button lock four sections high-strength aluminum alloy tripod. - Comfortable dense foam on the handle bar feel good. - Laser engraving unique identity code. - Applies to weight less then three kilograms SLR cameras camcorders.
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