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yongnuo yn560 iv yn560iv wireless master slave flash speedlite for canon nikon pentax olympus fujifilm panasonic dslr cameras купить по лучшей цене

YongNuo have announced the YN560 IV which is the latest update in the very popular YN-560 series of manual flash units. The YN560 IV now adding a master mode or effectively a YN560-TX radio transmitter unit built into the flash (in addition to the remote manual radio receiver already built into the current YN-560 III). The YN560 IV master flash can control the remote manual flash power and flash zoom length of 3 individual groups of remote YN-560 III and YN560 IV flashes (while the YN560-TX has the extra ability to control up to 6 individual groups). Like the current YN-560 III the new YN560 IV flash has the remote manual radio slave built in as well which can be controlled by other YN560 IV YN560-TXRF-605 or simply fired by RF-603 II RF-603 and RF-602 manual radio triggers. Features: Supports Wireless Master Function The YN560 IV can be used as master unit provides 3 independent groups with controlling ability realizing remote control the flash mode flash output and focal length of the YN560 IV and YN560 III. Supports Wireless Slave Function fully supports YN560-TX RF-603(I/II) RF-602 Wireless transmitter One YN560 IV can respectively receive the wireless signal from YN560 IVYN560-TXRF-603 (I/II)RF-602with optional 16 channels; when the YN560 IV and YN560-TX used as transmitter it can realize remote control the parameter settings. Multiple Trigger Synchronous Mode Supported The YN560 IV can triggered through the set top of the camera 2.4G wireless triggering S1 and S2 pre flash cancel mode. Settings Save Automatically Supports Custom Settings (Fn) The parameters on the flash will automatically save when the flash turned off; the users can customize setting the flash function as needed. GN58 @ ISO100105mm High Guide Number 2.4G wireless speedlite supports M/Multi-mode. Sound Prompting System When the sound prompting system is enabled the different sound ways will prompt different operating state of the flash so as to allow you focus on shooting. Support Electric Zooming Function The flash coverage can be altered between 24~105mm through the [ZOOM] button. Ultra-fast Charging Recycle System Supports External Power Supply Equipped with Big Size LCD Display Screen Standard PC Synchronous Interface. Compatible with: for all Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus Fujifilm Cameras for Sony A99 A58 A6000 A3000 A7 A7r A7s NEX-6 new hotshoe cameras for all Panasonic cameras and more universal hot shoe cameras

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