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yongnuo yn 622c tx ettl wireless lcd flash controller trigger купить по лучшей цене

YN-622 is a high-performance wireless TTL flash trigger transceiver using digital FSK 2.4GHz wireless communication system not limited by angle can realize different shooting effects. Transceiver function auto set remote control distance can up to 100M supports 7 wireless channels can realize wireless grouping. Supports 1st curtain and 2nd curtain high speed sync(HSS/FP) Max 1/8000S support E-TTL IIM stroboscopic flash mode support all YongNuo / Canon EXII series speedlights - Model: Yongnuo YN-622C - Material: ABS - Color: Black - Power: 2 x AA batteries (not included) - Features: - Compatible flash mode: E-TTL II / Manual / Multi - Compatible shutter sync: 1st curtain 2nd curtain High speed sync (HSS / FP) Max 1/8000s - Control remote speedlites using camera`s built-in flash menu - PC port can output 1st / 2nd / HSS signal to trigger studio flash - Supports Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) - Supports Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB) - Supports Flash Exposure Lock (FEL) - Supports flash zooming (auto manual) - Supports modeling flash - Supports E-TTL group ratio (ALL / A : B / A : BC) - Supports Manual / Multi Group (ALL / A : B / A : B : C) - Supports live view triggering - Supports assist focus lamp - Supports high-speed continuous shooting trigger - Speedlights on hot-shoe of transmitter supports ETTL - Compatible with all YongNuo / Canon EXII series speedlights - Settings saved automatically - Support single-contact camera & speedlite triggering - Packing List: - 2 x Transceivers - 1 x Chinese / English user manual
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