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500 ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY WORDS TO HELP BOOST YOUR TOEFL SCORE! Now with free online access. The Princeton Review's Essential TOEFL Vocabulary provides an easy and effective way for students to improve their TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) vocabulary skills--a critical step for scoring well on the exam. The 500 cards in this deck feature frequently-used and/or commonly-misunderstood words from the exam itself. This set includes: - Words, parts of speech, and pronunciations on the card fronts - Definitions, contextual sentence, and synonyms on the card backs, so you can really understand and remember each word - All cards accessible online when you register your purchase - Color-coded scale under the cover so you can easily track your progress - 50 additional customizable cards for you to fill in the terms you most need to study This revised edition reflects changes in vocabulary emphasis on the TOEFL in recent years--and now, for the first time, students get two studying channels for the same price: the physical card deck, plus online access to a digital version of the same deck for even greater studying flexibility!
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