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Each topic is treated in systematic logical and lucid manner. The Scope and depth of coverage of each topic are strictly according to the world wide fuzzy topological space syllabus.Concepts are introduced in a sequential way with detailed explanations. Dr. Sadanand N. Patil is a working as Assistant Professor and H.O.D in the D/o. Mathematics, KLS’s, VDRIT, HALIYAL. Karnataka, INDIA. Affiliated to VTU, BELGAUM. Since last 5 yrs he is teaching to UG & PG students of engineering stream. He has obtained M.Sc. (Mathematics) in the year 2002, PGDCA, in the year 2003 and He has obtained Ph.D. in Mathematics in the year 2009. Under the K U, Dharwad. The title of the thesis is SOME RECENT ADVANCE TOPICS IN TOPOLOGY, (FUZZY TOPOLOGICAL SPACES). Presently he is guiding to 6 candidates for Ph.D. in the field of FUZZY LOGIC Using FUZZY TOPOLOGICAL SPACES. As young scientist (DST) presented 2 papers in International Conference On Mathematics And Statistics Held At Kuala-Lampur, Malayasia (3 -5, November 2010). As senior scientist (DST) presented 2 papers in World Science Congress (LONDON) Is An IAENG , London, UK (July 6 - 9, 2011.) He Presented 5 Papers International Conference in Abroad, Presented 42 Papers In Various National and International Conferences and also Published 40 Papers In Various International Reputed Journals.

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