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Milton and Hero Journey This work aims to analyse two works of John Milton, Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes on the point of intersection of five main Jungian archetypes and hero journey within the framework of epic poetry and epic hero. Taking these main concepts into consideration, it was argued that two mentioned works stand in the meeting point of these two different approaches. In one chapter, epic is examined as a genre as well as the concept of hero in epic poetry with distinguishing elements separating it from other hero figures. Another focuses on how the main archetypes emerge in different steps of hero journey and how the journey process merges into one with the main archetypes to consist a multi-layered structure in the mentioned works. As a result, it was argued that in two major works of John Milton, one of the most distinguished poets of English literature as well as the epic tradition; consist of the concepts of archetypes and hero journey in a grift and eloquent way. With these two very important works in which the traditional meets the innovative features, influence of John Milton is still existent on both poets and critics.

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