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what about darwin – all species of opinion from scientists sages friends and enemies who met read and discussed the naturalist who changed купить по лучшей цене

In the forthcoming years, citizens of many countries will be provided with electronic identity cards. eID solutions may not only be used for passports, but also for communication with government authorities or local administrations, as well as for secure personal identification and access control in e-business. Further eID applications will be implemented in the healthcare sector. For some of these solutions we will not need a physical data carrier at all. The Handbook of eID Security is the first source presenting a comprehensive overview of this strongly discussed topic. It provides profound information on the following questions: – Which are the latest concepts, technical approaches, applications and trends in the field of eID? – Which areas of application are covered by the different eID concepts? – Which security mechanisms are used, for what reasons, and how can their reliability be ensured? – How will the security of personal data be guaranteed? This book is a perfect source of information for all persons working in industry, banking, healthcare, research institutes, administrations and public authorities: – who are involved in the development of eID application concepts, technical solutions, and of devices used for transfer and read out data to and from eIDs, – who have or will have to do with eID applications in their daily work, and – who participate in informing and discussing about the security and transparency of eID solutions.

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