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waterproof car relay dc 12v 40a 5pin automotive fuse relay normally open s018y high quality купить по лучшей цене

1-CH 30A high current relay supports high / low level trigger; - Completely isolated with optocouplers relay control terminal voltage can be powered independently; - High quality 30A relay normally open interfaces Maximum load: AC 250V / 30A DC 30V / 30A; - Using SMD optocoupler isolation strong driving ability stable performance; trigger current 5mA; - Working voltage: 5V; - Module can be set high or low triggered by jumper - Relay control terminal voltage and trigger terminal voltage jumpers can be powered completely isolated before and after class to do after two different voltage requirements (such as a relay with 24V trigger with 5V) - Fault-tolerant design even if the control line is broken the relay will not operate - Power indicator (green) relay status indicator (red) - User-friendly interface design all interfaces can be connected directly via terminal wiring leads very convenient - Module size: 50mm x 33mm x 24mm - Static current: 5mA - Maximum current: 190mA - Trigger current: 2~4mA Module interface - DC+: DC power supply module is positive (positive terminal voltage trigger) - DC-: DC power supply module is negative (negative terminal voltage trigger) - IN: Signal trigger terminal (same as the default trigger voltage power supply) - JD+: Relay control terminal voltage positive - JD-: Relay control terminal voltage negative - JD+ & DC+ shorted with a jumper cap DC- and JD- shorted with a jumper cap the same trigger terminal and relay control terminal voltage - When the jumper is connected with the L side IN terminal is low trigger when connected H is a high end trigger - Normally closed (NC): Relay normally closed terminal - COM: Relay public terminal - Normally open (NO); Relay normally open terminal
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