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Brand N/A Model W13 Quantity 1 Color Golden + black + white Material PE Specification Normally closed; Inlet valve (Working water pressure: 0.02~0.8MPa) drain valve (Working water pressure: 0~0.02MPa); Angle of installation: Parallel (180 degrees); Connector: G1 / 2 20mm; Rated working voltage: DC 12V; Power: 5W; Rated working current: 0.42A; DC esistance(20'C): 27.7 +/- 0.6ohms; Valve mouth diameter: 1.4cm; External diameter: 2cm; Length: 1.7cm Features Environmental altitude not more than 2500m Atmospheric pressure: 86~106KPa; Environment temperature: 1~45'C; Water temperature: 0~60'C; Storage and transport temperature: -30~60'C; Protection grade: IP00; Relative humidity: Application Infrared induction sanitary ware showers water control machine automatic water machine water boiler etc. English Manual/Spec Yes Packing List 1 x Solenoid valve
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