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Fictional superheroes are often charged with the task of saving the world from villains such as the Joker, Lex Luthor, Doctor Doom, and the Green Goblin. But superheroes cannot be effective if they only take out one of their villains and let the others roam free. In the same way, the pharmaceutical industry cannot effectively tackle the issue of delays in the execution of clinical trial agreements (CTAs) that leave patients lives hanging in the balance by only addressing one or two of the villains contributing to this broad challenge.Dbora Araujo relies on seasoned experience in the pharmaceutical industry that includes consulting for Fortune 500 companies and driving practical change regarding the business aspects of clinical trials to share a comprehensive exploration of the four villains who contribute to CTA negotiation delays and provide practical ways to address each of them. While encouraging positive change that patients desperately need, Araujo examines the negative impacts of ineffective site-budget negotiations, poor outsourced negotiations, a lack of industry adoption and innovation, and other issues affecting CTA negotiations. Included are several checklists, a common language evaluation and reconciliation initiative, and general CTA country requirements.In this comprehensive study, a pharmaceutical professional creatively examines how to address the four villains that cause frustrating delays in the execution of clinical trial agreements.
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