Vag k can commander 1 4 obd2 diagnostic scanner tool com cable for audi skoda - купить  
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vag k can commander 1 4 obd2 diagnostic scanner tool com cable for audi skoda купить по лучшей цене

Color: Black - Material: ABS Plastic housing - 2.0" TFT LCD display - High screen resolution richer information - Supports comprehensive model supports the great majority of VW Audi Skoda models - Supports comprehensive Anti-theft systems such as IMMO1 IMMO2 IMMO3 WFS ect. - Support K-Lines Can BUS cables - Used 32-bit processor the computing power and the compatibility more stronger - Big flash volume supports the cpu extend can be last upgrade - Supports system checked can be checked the error online - Upgrade easy and fast support online upgrade - Man-machine interface more friendly more convenient operation easy to learn and use support system since the detection on-line check system failures - Supported languages: English / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese etc. - Applicable to the complex working environment - Can be used to odometer correction read security access code key programmer airbag reset tool TV activation and diagnostic for VW Passat VW VW Bora VW Polo VW Golf Audi A6 Audi A8 Audi A4 Skoda Superb Skoda Octavia and Skoda Fabia vehicles - Can be used as the following types of communication adapter: KWP2000 VAG K CAN 1.4 CAN COMMAND 5 EOBD 1250 EDC16 1244 SuperVag V3.7 SuperVag V3.8 SuperVag V3.9 SuperVag V4.0 SuperVag V4.1 SuperVAG V4.6 SuperVAG V4.8 - Voltage: DC 12V - Accessories includes: - 1 x USB cable (140cm) - 1 x Audi adapter cable (25cm) - 1 x OBD II cable (120cm) - 1 x Software CD
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