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usb3 1 usb type c to displayport dp 4k cable adapter 1 8m black for new macbook hdtv projector monitor display 2017 hot product купить по лучшей цене

This Type-C Adapter Cable delivers a multiple transform interfaces including USB3.0, USB3.1/F and HDMI. It is the ideal hardware solution to convert a USB Type-C connection to a HDMI video output, which can make you enjoy a high quality video display. You will have an ability to update large files up to 5 Gbps with its USB3.0 interface. It also allows you to charge your MacBook with the USB3.1 female interface. Besides, this multifunctional adapter allows for hassle-free operation by allowing you to simply connect your adapter. Features 3 in 1 conversion adapter cable Perfect realization of PD & Data & Video multifunctional applications. Type-C to HDMI adapter Allows you to connect your USB Type-C based device like the MacBook, Chromebook Pixel and the Nokia N1 Tablet to any HDMI based display, projector or HDTV. Ultra HD 4K x 2K video resolution For a clean, crisp video display. Multi-Channel audio pass through Prevents the need to carry an additional audio cable when connecting to an external HDMI display with audio playback support. Type-C to USB3.0 adapter Designed to connect your USB 3.0 devices to your Apple MacBook. Transfer rates up to 5 Gbps Allows you to quickly upload and download photos, videos, music and other files. Type-C to USB3.1 female adapter Gives you the ability to charge your MacBook. High performance chip Be applicable to Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Mac OS X and Linux operating system. Plug-and-play operation There are no cumbersome software/device drivers that need to be installed or external power supply to plug in to operate. Specifications Name Type-C to HDMI+Hub adapter cable Material ABS Resolution 3840 x 2460P / 30hz ESD 8KV Compatible MacBook, Pixel, etc. Operating Temperature -20~65℃ Operating Humidity 5%~95% Product Size 6 x 5.1 x 1.1 cm Product Weight 30g Package Size 25 x 11.7 x 2 cm Package Weight 90g Package Include 1 x Type-C Adapter Cable
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