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Brand ZK Model W18 Qty 1 piece(s) per pack Color White+Red Material Plastic Specification WIFI and Streaming Media function used to convert videos in the cellphone to the TV which can make you easily share movies pictures Web content music and games by making them compatible with the TV can have multi-screen interaction and have fun from the HD sharing. Other Features This product is ZK-W18 Multi-screen Interaction/WIFI Screen Transmission/Small-to-big Screen HDMI Router. 2G DDR memory built-in WIFI supports data transmission rate up to 150Mbps. While connecting to TV via WIFI it can also connect to the Internet via WIFI you can directly wirelessly project the online videos in your cellphone or PC to the TV output the output resolution supports 1080P which is convenient and fluent to watch the videos in your cellphone or PC on the TV. Effective distance: 8-10 meters you can log in the website: to watch the English commentary video of the product. Supports wireless 1080P HD resolution display. Compatible with all devices with built-in Miracast such as smart cellphone tablet PC and portable PC compatible with DLNA supports multi-screen interaction easily transmits the music videos games and website contents from the cellphone tablet PC and PC to the TV display or projector in real-time to have multi-screen interaction. Meanwhile it will never affect the other functions' use of mobile or tablet PC. Notes: This product only applies to PC and the tablet and smart cellphone of quad-core and Android4.2. Some Android 4.1.1 cellphones can also use it and the models are: Samsung S3 and NOTE II of Android 4.1.1 ( Setup-More choose ALLsharecast) Samsung S4 of Android4.2 (System setup-More choose Screen Mirronring) LG Nexus 4 LG P880/Optimus 4X HD LG E975 of Android 4.2 (Setup-More choose Miracast) HTC ONE HTC Butterfly HTC 920 of Android 4.2 SONY L35H and L36 of Android 4.2 MIONE 2S of Android 4.1.2 (System setup-WLAN and choose WLAN Display) and all MTK6589 quad-core cellphone of above Android4.2 (Setup-Display and choose Wireless Display) THL W7 and W8 of Android4.2 (Setup-Display and choose Wireless Display). Packing List 1 x HDMI share dongle 1 x USB cable (84cm) 1 x English user manual
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