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ultra slim profile white hdmi cable 1m 2m 3m 5m 10m high speed with ethernet supports hdmi version 1 4 1 4a 1 3 compatible купить по лучшей цене

This High Speed HDMI Cable is a premium high performance quality HDMI-HDMI cable which is suitable for a wide application. It features gold-plated connectors, molded strain-relief and Mylar-foil shielding. It is fully compatible with Ethernet specification. Features Connector Type: HDMI male to HDMI male A type. Suitable for use in HDTV, Home Theater, PlayStation 3, and business class projector based applications. Features gold-plated connectors, molded strain-relief and Mylar-foil shielding. Gold-plated connectors for highest signal transfer rate and resistance in corrosion. Provide utmost protection against RF and EM interference. Molded strain-relief design lessens plug/socket pressure. Design with nylon, copper mesh and dual ferrite cores for a best protection. Fully HDCP compliant to provide highest level of signal quality. Fully compatible with High Speed HDMI with Ethernet specification (Version 1.4). Fully supports HDMI Ethernet Channel, HDMI 3D, blue ray features. Designed to meet all HDMI standards. Supports 480i to full HD 1080p resolution. Antioxidant, corrosion resistance, stable and durable. Full support all kinds of computer, LCD, projector and other equipment. Specifications Material Nylon & Copper & Ferrite Cores Transmission Speed 480m/mbps N.W. 210g Cable Length 1.5M What's in the box? 1 x High Speed HDMI Cable
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