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After forming in Birmingham, England, in the 1970s, "UB40" became one of the world's most influential Reggae bands, spreading the word of this uniquely Jamaican music to an eager international audience. Through fascinating interviews, which display the band's infectious enthusiasm and disarming modesty, this film tells UB40's story from their formation in Birmingham to recording at their own studios with some of the artists who inspired them to play Reggae music - artists such as Winston Groovy, Ken Boothe and John Holt. Shot in Jamaica and Birmingham, the programme features a soundtrack of classic UB40 recordings such as Kingston Town, One in Ten and Red, Red Wine. Chapters: 01. Introduction02. One In Ten03. Forming a group04. The Time Has Come05. Bob Marley & The Wailers06. Soul Rebel07. Labour Of Love & Winston Groovy08. Red, Red wine09. Mr.FixIt10. Ken Boothe11. Ambassadors For Reggae 12. Someone Like You13. John Holt & UB40 - My Best Girl14. Ken Boothe & UB40 - The Train Is Coming

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