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India is one of those countries in the world where various types of climate,sea-Beaches,Hill-stations,forest areas,Archeology,Historical regions & Rural Tourisms are available.One may enjoy here with Natural, Adventurous,Religious, wild Tourism and Food stalls in all the seasons. In India,we find to witness a joint phenomenon of folk,Tribal & western Culture in all types of cultural Tourism.India being a secular nation,there are religious tourist sites for all the people of various religious. Chhattisgarh situated in the Heart of India,is a fascinating centre of Tribal oriented plenitude Rural & Natural Tourism.The folk and Tribal music & Dance are the focal points of Public attraction. Especially the fore stay area of Bastar-Dussehra,Ghotul culture and Rajim Kumbh Mela are full of curiosity.The literature of all these pleasant has been prepared in order to its suitableness for tourism,Where the secondary Data & Information of Government of India & Chhattisgarh have also been included for its preparation.We are thankfull to Hon.Chief Minister Dr.Raman Singh & Tourism Minister Mr.Brijmohan Agrawal,along with my family members and Mr.PramilVerma & Sanjay Singh of Chhattisgah Tourism.

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