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The Micro Cap Investor Learn how today's smartest investors are discovering opportunities–and reaping profits–ahead of the Wall Street pros Micro cap stocks are all but ignored by professional investors who can't risk losing their companies' clients–and their own careers–to the sudden volatility and price swings that are common to the micro cap market. But it is just that volatility, plus their proven record for outperforming large cap stocks over the long term, that makes micro caps perfect for independent investors looking for market-beating returns. The Micro Cap Investor takes a behind-the-scenes look at this exciting sector to: * Detail a market-tested process for uncovering and investing in micro caps with the greatest potential to outperform the market * Reveal the ten key catalysts that take under-the-radar micro caps and propel them into the public spotlight * Explain how smaller investors can use the «information advantage» to actually gain a sizable edge over institutional investors Let The Micro Cap Investor show you how to uncover today's most promising companies, and use the power of micro cap investing to dramatically improve your long-term investment performance.
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