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English for International Tourism is for professionals working in the tourism industry and for students of tourism at upper intermediate level and above. English for International Tourism: focuses on the language and professional skills required to perform effectively in all sectors of the industry; covers a wide range of topics that develop a broad tourism-related vocabulary; features authentic texts and interviews with experts in the tourist industry that develop extensive reading and listening skills; develops speaking skills needed for key job-related situations; promotes grammatical accuracy with Language Focus sections; trains learners to produce clear, concise written communication. The Workbook is for self-study and classroom use and provides thorough revision of the language, speechwork and vocabulary taught in the Course Book units. The Developing the Topic sections contain further skills work based on the theme of each unit. There are 3 revision/test sections for learners to monitor their progress. It has a full key to all the exercises, including model answers to the Writing activities and is accompanied by a Workbook cassette. Издание на английском языке.
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