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It is often taken for granted that the Christian Church in Ghana plays critical role towards community development. People usually tend to assume that the Church only exists to provide moral conscience for the society. The Church seems to have accepted this traditional role without striving to make its general contributions towards community development known. Though the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and its Akuapem Presbytery are major players in community development through strategies of evangelisation adopted, there is inadequate literature on their activities. This book provides documented accounts and insightful analyses of how in pursuing evangelisation, the Akuapem Presbytery’s activities had affected community development. The book provides insights into new expectations of the Church in Ghana and how the twenty-first century has altered its roles. This will help the Church in Ghana and globally to adopt strategies that will invariably meet the aim of evangelisation and the mundane needs of Church and community members. Churches, religious organisations, Church historians and stakeholders involved in advocacy and development at the grassroots will find this book very useful.

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