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the role of cooperatives in community development купить по лучшей цене

The author interrogates the meanings of heritage and development in various aspects, and the concept of heritage as a development tool. The role of the Centre for Heritage Development in Africa (CHDA)and its approach to development of skills is analyzed comparatively with other heritage training institution in different parts of the world. The book traces the origins of heritage training and capacity building development in Africa and goes further to explore the idea of integrated approaches to both heritage training and management application on the ground. The author further explores the possible roles Museology as a subject discipline can play to enhance the role of heritage in community development based on theoretical knowledge, practice and ethical issues with regards to co-management of heritage resources by different stakeholders. Research findings and recommendations are well presented. This is a useful reference material for a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds including; heritage professionals, government policy makers, heritage training institutions and academicians. It offers a good general reading material to those who want to expand their knowledge base.
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