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This two-volume richly illustrated work on human anatomy is the first English translation of the Soviet textbook by M. Prives, N. Lysenkov, and V. Bushkovich. Unique in its analytic and synthetic approaches to the subject, the book covers descriptive, evolutionary, functional and practical anatomy. The human organism is studied in depth as the product of long and continuing evolution, and both traditional anatomy and new directions in anatomical science are treated fully. The clear and detailed discussions of the influence of sports and various occupations on the human body will be of particular interest. Volume I covers the following subjects: the history of anatomy, the science of bones and their articulations, myology, the science of viscera, and the science of the organs of internal secretion. Volume II deals with the anatomy о the heart and blood-vascular system the lymphatic system, the organs оf haemopoiesis and immunological reactions, the nervous system and the sense organs. The phylogenesis and ontogenesis of the organs are discussed in detail. The effect of social factors on the structure of the organism is described. The importance of the principle of integrity in anatomy is stressed, namely that anatomy is a science of the structure not only of the separate systems but of the whole human organism. The description of the structure of the human body is supplemented by synthesis of the anatomical data as a result о which the human organism is represented as an integrity, a complex system of interrelationship of components and processes. The textbook is intended for anatomists and university students.
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