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"…perfect for the digital photographer.... The depth of information on all aspects of color control is astonishing. Anyone who needs detailed control over every aspect of their images will revel in this book." —Computer Arts Magazine There's More to Photoshop Elements Than Meets the Eye In this unique book, expert author Richard Lynch reveals hidden functionality in Photoshop Elements-advanced features concealed in the code that dramatically extend the power of the software. First you'll learn high-level image editing from this renowned professional, then vault yourself into the ranks of advanced power users with the more than one hundred Hidden Power tools he provides on CD. You'll be amazed at what you can do! Inside, discover features usually found only in advanced image editors: Add shadows, highlights, and contrast with new Curves Presets Get beautiful and accurate color printing with CMYK separations tools Use the hidden Blend If and other power tools to apply sophisticated masks Emulate the Channel Mixer and Calculations functions of Photoshop Handle an image from start to finish using only the included Hidden Power tools Take full advantage of the latest Elements 4 updates to color management settings and Adobe(r) Gamma procedures Discover dozens more high-end functions such as snapshots, clipping paths, the history brush, and others Exclusive Elements Power Tools Included on CD! Unlock more than 100 hidden functions to power up your image editing, including: Color separations (RGB, CMYK, or Lab) Masking Channels Snapshots and History Brush Clipping Paths Custom Vectors Enhanced Sharpening Guides Fade Align/Distribute Objects The CD also includes numerous images and project files to use along with exercises in the book. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
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