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The current study aimed to investigate the effects of a proposed blended learning strategy in teaching medical vocabulary at Arabian Gulf University on pre- medical students'' achievement, attitudes towards the English language, and their satisfaction with the unit. The study sample consisted of 50 students who scored less than 60% in English Language Entry exam. The sample was randomly divided into two groups; 22 students in the control group and 28 in the experimental group. The research instruments included: AGU English language unit exams in English 151, attitude towards English language and satisfaction with the unit. Data analysis revealed that, concerning achievement and attitude towards the English language, there were no statistical significant differences between the experimental and the control group. The results also indicated that the experimental group members demonstrated high degree of satisfaction toward the online unit in three dimensions of the scale and medium satisfaction in one dimension. It was argued that though students were satisfied with the online unit, lack of vocabulary improvement was due to lack of administrative support.

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