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Timely action and prompt response are the crying need for emergency services like health care in a hospital. Unavailability of it may result to a massive disaster. For example,in a hospital, doctors and nurses must respond promptly to take necessary action for a critical patient to save his life. Prompt response and timely act may save thousands of lives.But prompt response does not mean that it can compromise with the security issues. In critical scenarios massive flow of highly secure information is expected. Different levels of employees are allowed to have different level of privileges to the system for securing access and a smooth run of the system. To provide the exact level of service according to one’s privileges to the system is only possible by a proper authentication process.Repetitive authentication processes wastes valuable time on a critical moment along with distracting people from their main course of action. The system loses its invisibility and efficiency. Here comes the need for having a fully automated solution for this access control systems.Here we have presented an efficient way of automated access control mechanism using Proximity Based Access Control(PBAC)
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