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Water resources planning and development is broadly concerned with the accurate assessment, identification and management of water from different sources for the welfare of the human being. In this work entitled “Planning for development of water resources of Maner River basin”, an attempt has been made to assess the surface water potential of the Maner basin and to determine the optimal annual yields by simultaneously optimizing the cropping pattern for each major and medium projects at the same time,satisfying the project specific demands to the maximum possible extent during a successful year. System analysis techniques are widely used in the field of water resources planning and management. Linear Programming (LP) based models can handle a very large number of decision variables and constraints which are generally encountered during the studies on river basins. The integrated reservoir yield model, an implicit stochastic LP based model, is applied to assess the optimal annual multi-yields with specific reliabilities and to determine the optimal cropping plan of the projects of the Maner basin. This book is useful for Students and engineers of water resources engineering field.

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