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shoot black metal quick release l plate bracket hand grip camera grip for sony nex 6 fits arca swiss standard купить по лучшей цене

Color Black Brand HighPro Model LB-XPRO1 Material 6061T651 Aluminum Quantity 1 Set Type OthersQuick Release L-Bracket Plate Camera Vertical Grip Retractable No Screw Size 1/4" Max.Load 1000 G Other Features Fully detachable design when assembled it is a camera hand grip and L-plate dismount the grip and get an Arca Swiss compatible L bracket again dismount the vertical plate you get a quick release base plate. Custom made for X-PRO1 allowing full access for battery hatch cover and all cable interface; Material: precision machined from light weight 6061T651 Aluminum; Black hard anodized finish; The unit is compatible with any Arca Swiss standard clamps/ ball heads 100% compatible with RRS lever-release clamp! Packing List 1 x Aluminum Quick Release L-Bracket Plate Camera Vertical Grip 2 x Wrenches
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