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The Xiaomi Pro has been designed with 2 external antennas, fast data transfer of up to 300Mbps. With the Xiaomi Pro you can simultaneously connect up to 64 devices, penetrate walls and provide strong wifi connection across multiple floor house. With 2 external antennas, data transfer rate is up to 300Mbps, can penetrate walls or across multi floor house. Support up to simultaneously connecting with 64 devices, eliminating any Wi-Fi dead zones in your home. 2 x 2 External Antennas Data transfer rate is up to 300Mbps, with stable signal transmission, bring you better using experience. Wider Coverage Cooperate with your router, the WiFi amplifier can extend WiFi signal and make it cover every corner of your home. Support to Connect with 64 Devices The WiFi amplifier can simultaneously connect with 64 devices, eliminating any Wi-Fi dead zones in your home(24 devices are suggested). Classic Plug in Design Plug and play, with compact size, space saving. Automatically Upgrade The WiFi amplifier will automatically upgrade the firmware while not working. App Control You can add the Xiaomi Pro WiFi Amplifier into the smartphone APP to achieve easy control of the amplifier, such as it can achieve signal detection. Wide Compatibility Compatible with the mainstream routers. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Model Pro Router Connectivity Type Wireless Transmission Rate 300Mbps LAN Ports Under 2 ports Product Weight 0.3000 kg Product Size 22.00 x 15.00 x 7.00 cm Package Contents 1 x WiFi Amplifier
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