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When old age hits us our organization skills start failing on it can become difficult to remember simple daily tasks. Our memory will start failing and we can quickly become confused. Even simple things like getting dressed and doing laundry can be a difficult ordeal. One way to overcome this is to start getting items of clothing that also make it easy to distinguish what to wear and when ensuring that we can easily achieve dressing ourselves and doing laundry. This is a truly awesome set of socks with great organization skills! They feature a seven pair set that are each number from 1 to seven as well as having the day of the week written clearly on each one. They are made from only the finest cotton threads and one size generally fits most males. They are soft and comfortable and are made to last. Not to mention you will always know what day it is and know when to put them in the wash as the week draws to an end. They make a great gift or just a helpful item for you to stay on top of your game. - Color: Black - Material: Cotton - 7 pairs of men's socks in different colors - Each pair of socks has a different day number - Makes a great gift - One size fits most adult men

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