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Brand Aokai Model RSCW-1949 Color Black + Silver Material Plastic + aluminum alloy Quantity 1 Razor Type Electric Shaver Head Type Reciprocating Vibrating Type Shaver Head Number 1 Blade Number 1 Washing Mode Cannot Water Wash Disposable No Charging Voltage 220V 50Hz Power Supply Mode AC Rechargeable Power Plug 2-Flat-Pin Plug Power 3 W Can or can't use when charging can Charging Time 8 Hour Features 30 minutes continuous operation when fully recharged; Bidirectional locked safety switch; Sharp beard cutting apparatus; Charge status lamp glows red while charging and flashes red when the shaver is fully charged. Packing List 1 x Shavers Razor 1 x AC power adapter (23cm-cable / 220V) 1 x Brush 1 x Foil 1 x Cover 1 x Korean user manual
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