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When the opera begins, the impoverished Don Magnifico, Baron of Mountflagon, is on the verge of social and financial ruin. The only solution is for his daughters to find rich husbands. Years ago, when he still had some money, he married a widow who already had a little girl: Angelina. The baroness bore her new husband two more daughters, Clorinda and Tisbe. Since their mother's death the kindhearted Angelina has had a hard time at the hands of her vain and haughty half-sisters and her stepfather, who joins his own daughters in all the petty humiliations they deal out to Angelina. Nicknamed Cenerentola (Cinderella), and forced to do the most menial housework, Angelina bears it all with patience. Not far from Don Magnifico's house is the castle of the young and wealthy prince Ramirо. The prince wants a bride, and has chosen an odd way to find one, sending out his tutor, the philosopher Alidoro, all over his domains to look for a suitable girl. He and his valet Dandini follow up Alidoro's leads but, in order to test the qualities of the bridal candidates more conclusively, they pretend that the prince is the servant and the servant the prince. Act 1-2 Libretto By Jacopo Ferretti, After Charles Perrault's Cendrillon / And Librettos By Charles Guillaume Etienne And Francesco Fiorini Don Ramiro - Lawrence Brownlee Dandini - Simone Alberghini Don Magnifico - Alessandro Corbelli Clorinda - Rachelle Durkin Tube - Patricia Risley Angelina, Known As Cenerentola - Elina Garanca Alidoro -...
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