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Boxed pigs (or national pigs)game is a classical and popular story, which is used as an example of a game, where weakness can be an advantage. Rational pigs games can be divided into positive and negative. Positive one can be used to describe economic phenomena and negative one can be used to describe environmental phenomena (such as the natural and the reputational environments). Positive game of rational pigs (or briefly, game of rational pigs) can be divided into game of 2 pigs, one big and one small one, and game of many pigs. It is the same for negative game of rational pigs.Axiomatic theory of boxed pigs game with one big pig and one small pig was set by the author.Though some papers on negative game of 2 pigs were published, general negative games have not been systematically studied so far.In this book, Games among at least three rational pigs is researched. The route is from simple to complex. The author uses only elementary algebra to start with three rational pigs with the same sizes. Then he studies games among finite many rational pigs. Finally, he discusses games with sufficiently many (can be infinitely many) rational pigs.

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