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Description : 100% High quality and high security. Sensitively and response quickly. Support 500 standard users. Support card password, card plus password & password plus card. Can add card number and delete card number as your requirement. With 10 pcs of key fobs. Classical appearance with useful function. Professional design, great for home and office come with user manual Ideal for homes and offices Specification : Working voltage : DC 12V Unlock current : 1000mA Static current : 60mA Memory : 250 standard users Card read distance : 0-10 cm RF type : EM card (125KHz) Working temperature : -10 ~ 70 C Working bumidity : 10% to 90% 3 options to open your door (admin user selectable) : Card (Key Tag) & Password/ Card (Key Tag) Only/ Password Only Item dimension : 11.7 x 11.7 x 2.1cm Item weight : about 220g Package includes : 1 x RFID Proximity Door Control System 10 x RFID Key Fobs Details pictures :

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