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In the present study spider fauna was explored in Pir baba and its peripheries District Buner. The collection was done during July-December 2013 by hand picking, pit fall trap and nets. This locality has rich diversity of spiders’ fauna because of enriched food habitats. In this survey ten families, ten genera and twelve species were recorded, the family Pholcidae was dominant (23%) while Sparassidae (3%) was recessive. The rest of the families found with their relative abundance are Salticidae (7%), Theridiidae (6%), Caponiidae (5%), Gnaphosidae (16%), Ctenidae (5%), Lycosidae (11%), Selennopidae (16%), Scytodidae (6%). The genus Micrommata (3%) was scarce while that of genus Pholcus (23%) was enormous. The specie Pholcus phalangioides (23%) was abundant in number while Micrommata virescene (3%) was found in rare number. The observed spider species were found non-poisonous according to taxonomic catalog. Abundance of spider fauna was observed in the month of July from Jawkhela (29%) and lowest from Batai (2%). A detail study is required for further exploration of spider fauna in the region.

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