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Marine fish supply chain depends Marine fisheries sector that has long been an important source of occupation and livelihood for the coastal communities of the country. It is estimated that at least 3 million people derive their livelihood from marine capture fisheries who reside over 3,600 fishing villages situated along the Indian coastline. The majority of those in the sector are small-scale and artisanal fishermen, who derive their livelihood from fishing, netting, artisanal processing and small-scale trading activities. Consumers in India are aware of the health benefits of eating fish and retail outlets are seizing the opportunity to market of the fish. Despite of the high price of fish, consumers are ready to pay the price for good quality fish. Maharashtra is an important state in the marine fisheries of India. It occupies 4th place in the marine fish production. The annual marine fish production of Maharashtra state is 3.5 lakh tons.Keeping in view the facts of marine fisheries, study will be conducted on the basis of identification of major modern and traditional fish supply chain operating in Mumbai.their management practices,estimate the margin, price spread etc.

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