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"This eighth edition differs basically from its predecessors in the Greek part, which now represents the 27th edition of the Novum Testamentum Graece. The Greek text remains unchanged from that of the 26th edition, which is also that of the Fourth (and Third) edition of the United Bible Societies' Greek New Testament, but significant changes have been made in the critical apparatus. A new appendix (II) gives additional and explicit information about the readings of Greek manuscripts. For detailed discussion, especially about new features in the 27th edition, see pp. 3*-6* below. We express our sincere and profound gratitude, first of all to our colleagues in the Institute for New Testament Textual Research, who have all contributed in special ways, participating in their respective areas with rare dedication. Special credit is due Gerd Mink and Beate Koster, without whose critical and constructive counsel in so many details it would have been impossible to achieve the present edition, not to mention many other projects as well. The following colleagues were individually responsible for various aspects of the undertaking. Klaus Witte revised the critical apparatus from newly reviewed collations, building on the work of Klaus Junack with the 26th edition. Klaus Wachtel together with Wolfgang Richter was responsible especially for data on the papyri and the uncials. The review of oriental versions was entrusted to Andreas Juckel (Syriac) and Gerd Mink aided by Franz-Juirgen Schmitz (Coptic). A thorough review of the Latin and Greek patristic citations was undertaken by Ute Hagemann and others. The list of manuscripts was expanded and verified by Michael Welte (papyri and uncials) and Beate Koster (minuscules). Horst Bachmann and Gustav Wendt were ready and indefatigable proofreaders. Ms. Marlene Just was the very model of efficiency in dealing with all the clerical difficulties that arose, often under extreme pressure from deadlines. Many of the scholars mentioned abo...
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