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The ultimate review and critical analysis of tom waits' first decade. Tom Waits - Under Review 1971 -1982 is a 90-minute film, covering Waits' career and hugely influential music from this period. The program charts his rise from bar-room crooner to the extraordinary performer, songwriter and vocalist he had become by the early part of the 1980s. Showing also how he developed as a scintillating raconteur, how he was more than willing to draw on a vast range of unorthodox influences, and how his records progressed in sophistication exponentially during the course of a decade, this film is the most detailed, enlightening and downright entertaining film ever to have emerged on this legendary artist. Features Include: Historical musical performances, re-assessed by a panel of esteemed experts. Obscure footage, rare interviews and rarely seen photographs.Review, comment, criticism and insight from; producer of the Closing Time album and Waits' string arranger, Jerry Yester, Waits' producer from 1974 to 1982, Bones Howe-, Tom Waits biographer, Patrick Humphries-, author of The Wild Years-. The Music And Myth Of Tom Waits, Jay S. Jacobs-, Uncut magazine's contributing Editor (and interviewer of Tom Waits on many occasions), Nigel Williamson-, Village Voice music editor and esteemed US critic, Robert Christgau; former Rolling Stone editor, Anthony DeCurtis-, highly respected UK music journalist,Barney Hoskyns and more. Live and studio recordings of Waits' classics, such as; Closing Time, Grapefruit Moon, The Piano Has Been Drinking, Jersey Girl, 01'55and others.
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