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Periodic orbits around L4 in the Restricted three body problem have been determined where the primaries are axes symmetric bodies and source of radiation pressure. Throughout the studies, a constant U has been introduced in the Lagrangian in such a way that the energy constant (h) vanishes at L4. A mobile coordinate system is used to determine the periodic orbits by giving displacement to these coordinates along the normal and the tangent. An algorithm is constructed in two stages, to draw the periodic orbits. These are: first predictor-part and then corrector-part. In each chapter, five families of periodic orbits have been drawn. And in each family, five figures corresponding to the different values of h are drawn. These orbits have been numbered 1,2,3,4 and 5 corresponding to values of h mentioned in each figure on the left hand top of each figure in each chapter. It is observed that the final orbit passing through the libration point L4, in each case, is non-symmetrical and therefore, the family can be further continued. This book is extremely useful to post graduate students, research scholars, scientists who are interested in the Restricted three body problem.

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