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Descriptions: N20 DC Gear Motor Miniature High Torque Electric Gear Box Motor Specifications: Model Material Rated Voltage No Load At Maximum Efficiency Stall Size Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current GM12-N20 Alloy Gear DC3.0V 40RPM 55mA 30RPM 150mA 49mN.m 0.45A 10*12*28mm GM12-N20 Alloy Gear DC12.0V 50RPM 25mA 40RPM 80mA 78.4mN.m 0.2A 10*12*28mm GM12-N20 Alloy Gear DC6.0V 56RPM 50mA 40RPM 150mA 73.5mN.m 0.6A 10*12*28mm GM12-N20 Alloy Gear DC6.0V 160RPM 50mA 120RPM 150mA 39.2mN.m 0.65A 10*12*28mm Features: Small volume, torsion big,all metal gear, durable, not easy to wear. Great replacement for the rusty or damaged DC geared speed reduce motor on the machine. Widely used on Boat,Car,Electric Bicycle,Fan,Home Appliance. Package Included: 1x Gear Motor
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