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remax phone flash light led fill light for smartphones rose gold купить по лучшей цене

EOSCN S60 original integrated fill light is a new generation of product used for mobile phone photography and life illumination. EOSCN S60 is a mini ultra-thin newly designed LED fill light with the inside made of specific integrated voltage stabilizing circuit and efficient large-chip lamp beads under LED constant current driver with a large-capacity lithium polymer battery internally installed. When used it never flashes. Not only featured by high luminance low power low heat long service life and elegant appearance but its convenient to carry. In particular the latest nanotechnology nano micro-suction technology imported from Germany is applied to EOSCN S60 so it can be used on various fixed places. It can absorb on any smooth surfaces such as smooth glass clinker tile marble and wooden table top suitable for any type of mobile phone for light supplement. Let light be with you at each corner of life! Applicable to different types of mobile phones: IPHONE 4S / IPHONE 5 / IPHONE 6 / Samsung / Xiaomi / HTC / Sony / Nokia etc Equipped with a hotshoe stand can also applicable to all kinds of camera.
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