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Praise for FINDING THE HOT SPOTS «David Riedel's Finding the Hot Spots provides keen insights into the new reality of investing with a global perspective. Internationally diversified investment portfolios reduce risk while enhancing returns, as many American-based individual and institutional investors have discovered in recent years. Riedel succeeds in providing simple, effective tools and strategies.» –J. Craig Chapman Managing Director, Long-Term Asset Management (HK) Limited «Finding the Hot Spots simplifies and demystifies international investing and makes non-U.S. markets alluring and accessible . . . a must-read for all individual investors.» –John D. Meserve Chairman, BNY Jaywalk, Inc. «Anyone considering investing in emerging markets should begin by reading David Riedel's Finding the Hot Spots. This excellent book explains how to reap the benefits while avoiding the risks of investing in the world's fastest growing economies. Having worked with David in Thailand during the peak of the Bangkok Bubble in the mid-1990s, I believe few people are more qualified to write about this subject than he is.» –Richard Duncan Author of The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures
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