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The Benro S4 video head is a lightweight head designed for DV, mini DV, Pro and civil video cameras. The Benro S4 features a fluid drag system and spring balance which ensure smooth camera movement while the 360 degree rotation allows all angles and views to be captured. The sliding quick-release (QR) plate helps with camera balance and the QR plate safety plate ensures that your camera is safe and secured. Included with the Benro S4 is an adjustable pan handle which can be mounted on either side of the videohead. The Benro S4 Video Head has a fluid drag system and spring balance, with 360° panning rotation for smooth camera moves. There are separate pan and tilt lock levers for lock off shots. The sliding quick-release (QR) plate helps to balance the camera, and the head comes with a safety lock for the QR Plate. The S4 Video Head accepts 501PL compatible quick-release plates, making it easy to find spares or replacements. The integrated bubble level aids in setting up level horizons. The adjustable Pan Handle can be mounted to either side of the S4 Video Head using the built in mounting rosettes. The S4 Video Head can be mounted to ball adapters, tripods and other camera supports via the 3/8" threaded female receiver on the magnesium alloy flat base. Features Pan Drag/Lock Lever Adjusts tension and locks Head on 360 degree pan movement. Built-in Bubble Level Allows adjustment to prevent uneven pans. Includes QR4 Quick Release Plate Removable Quick Release plate with sliding adjustment for better camera balance. Tilt Drag/Lock Lever Set tension control and lock of full front to rear tilt axis. QR Plate System with Safety Lock Easy camera mounting and dismount for transport. Interchangeable Pan Bar Handle With angular adjustment for convenient user control. Specifications Load Capacity Maximum Load 8.8 lb (4 kg) Diameter/Thread 60 mm Flat Base with 3/8" Threaded Female Receiver Counter Balance System Spring cartridge Quick Release/Wedge Plate Yes Balance Plate Sliding, 1/4" and 3/8" Screws QR6 (501PL Compatible) Tilt Drag Fixed Fluid Drag Tilt Range -75 to +90 Tilt Lock Separate Lock Lever Pan Drag Fixed Fluid Drag Pan Range 360° Pan Lock Separate Lock Lever Leveling Bubble/Illuminated Yes/No Temperature Range -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C) Height 3.9" (100 mm) Weight 1.5 lb / 0.7 kg
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