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rc dynam smart trainer airplane 4 channel ready to fly 1500mm wingspan rc plane model rtf dy8962 купить по лучшей цене

RocHobby 3D MXS 1100mm Wingspan EPO RC Airplane PNP Introducing the all New 1100mm MXS 3D aerobatic plane from FMS Models. Designed for the Intermediate to advanced 3D pilot & Built specifically for 3D Flight, the MSX is sure to please even the most capable of 3D pilots. Built from super strong EPO foam, the receiver ready MXS is completely glue-less to assemble requiring only 10 screws to complete. After only minutes of assembly, it is ready to add your 4 channel receiver and 3s 2200mAh battery. Strong tube spars in the wing and tail create a super rigid structure that can withstand even the harshest 3D punishment. The powerful 35-36 1250kv Outrunner, 40amp ESC, & 4 Metal Gear Digital servos are pre-installed and ready to fly out of the box. The preinstalled precision ball links and rods expedite assembly time and provide precise control of nearly any aerobatic maneuver desired. Extra long, servo arms are designed in an over-center position from the control surface horns to provide massive amounts of control surface throw for low speed Harrier & hovering flight. Wing tip Side Force Generators further enhance the low speed performance by directing the airflow over the ailerons for more positive control. Tough but lightweight aluminum landing gear and large 2 1/2" wheels make grass takeoffs and landings a breeze. A large, magnetic hatch makes changing the battery quick and easy. Painted in Bright Yellow and Black, The New MXS is sure to get attention at the flying field Easy to assemble, built tough, & 3D ready. Look no further than the New MXS from FMS Models. Description: Brand Name: RocHobby(from FMS) Item Name: MXS 3D Wingspan: 1100mm/43.3in Overall Length:1080mm/42.5in Material: Durable EPO Flying Weight: 1050g/37.1oz Motor Size: 3536/KV1250 ESC:40A Recommended Radio: 4 Channel Servo:9g digital metal servoX 4 Propeller Size: 11 x 5.5 in 2 blade Recommended Battery: 11.1V 2200 mAh 35C CG: 70-80mm(From Leading Edge) Experience Level Intemediate Wing Load:34g/dm2 Wing Area: 30.8dm2 Requires: PNP requires Radio System, Battery and Charger Features: - Easy to assemble glueless design - new hollow wing design for reduced weight and rigidity - Wing tip side force generators for superior knife edge and low maneuvering - Super stong laminated control surface hinges - Powerful 25-36 1250kv outrunner motor, 4 digital metal gear servos and 40amp ESC - Wing and tail remove for transport,however 1100mm size makes transport easy - Ultra visible yellow and black high contrast saint scheme Spare Parts for MXS, Click Here NOTE: Don't use a lipo battery more than 14.8v/4S (included 4S) if your airplane are using the original configuration,otherwise the motor and ESC may be damaged due to the power boost. Package included: 1 x RocHobby 3D MXS PNP
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