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rc dynam smart trainer airplane 4 channel ready to fly 1500mm wingspan rc plane model rtf dy8962 купить по лучшей цене

Dynam Waco Yellow 1270mm 50inch Wingspan RC Warbird PNP Simple Introduction: The Dynam Waco Bi-Plane offers an appealing combination of performance, style and affordability. Designed using the latest technology in durable EPO foam providing lightweight and structural rigidity. The result is an aircraft that offers awesome levels of performance. This bi-plane spans its wings at 50 inches and sits at an overall length of almost 39 inches. The large prop is thrown by a BM3720A-650KV brushless motor supported by a Dynam 40A electronic speed controller. Control surfaces are handled by four 9 gram Detrum servos and includes a steerable tail wheel for easy taxing around the runway. Requires a 14.8V 2200mah Li-Po Battery, 4 channel radio and receiver. When more power is needed during sports aerobatic flying the Detrum power system delivers it effortlessly and smoothly. An easy access hatch allows for quick battery changes without having to remove the wings. The power plant and scale like features allow this plane to fly gracefully with outstanding flight characteristics. Description: Brand:Dynam Item No.:Waco Item:RC Airplane Color:Yello Wingspan:1270mm / 50in Length:983mm / 38.7in Flying Weight:1550g Power System:BM3720A-KV650 Brushless Outrunner Motor Electronic Speed Control:40A Brushless with T connector Propeller / EDF:2-Blade Prop Servos:9g x 4 Landing Gear:Fixed Required Battery:4S 14.8V 2200mAh LiPo (required) Click Here Required Radio:4 Channel (required) Click Here Ailerons:Yes Elevator:Yes Rudder: Yes Flaps:No Lights:Yes Hinge Type:Foam Material:EPO Foam Skill Level: Intermediate Build Time:2 Hours PNP Version: PNP means you should just use your own over 4 channels Radio System, and buy a battery and use your own Charger. Features: Highly scaled and attractive yellow paint scheme plus decal trim sheet Powerful BM3720A-KV650 Brushless Outrunner motor NOTE: Do not use lock tite on the bolts that attach the wing struts to the wing. Package Included: 1 x Dynam Waco Yellow 1270mm 50inch Wingspan RC Biplane Airplane PNP
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