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raspberry pi 3 hdmi to vga cable male to female hdmi to vga converter adapter for orange pi xbox ps3 ps4 hdtv pc купить по лучшей цене

1080P HDMI Male to VGA Female Adapter Video Converter Cable For PC DVD HDTV Description : You have a bunch of home videos of you goofing around and you want to show them to your family. Unfortunately, the video is saved to your laptop, and your family is too large to crowd around a 15" screen. Easily and securely connect your PC or laptop to your TV with this male to female VGA cable, and every cousin, aunt, grandparent, and stepsister twice removed will be able to watch your funniest moments on a big screen TV. Length 27cm Color black HDMI input the HDMI input interface VGA output VGA signal output interface Power input no need extra power, power supply from HDMI power Suitable for all HDMI input device (like PC, DVD, PS3, Xbox360, etc) and VGA output device (like monitor, projectors, etc) Features built-in chipset HDMI Male to VGA RGB Female Converter adapter it supports full-size high-definition resolution of 720p or 1080p supports 720p and 1080p full-size high-definition resolution works with PC, DVD, PS3, XBOX 360 and other HDMI input devices HDMI male to female VGA cable converts HDMI digital signal to VGA analog signal Package Included : 1x HDMI male to VGA female converter (black) Detail Pictures : Thank you for surfing our website.Welcome your kindly suggestion and your product requirements,we will provide our best service for you.
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