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professional mouth to mouth mask cpr face shield cpr shield mask first aid mask with alcohol pad glove and manual купить по лучшей цене

With the Xiaomi AirWear Anti-Fog Haze Face Mask you are able to protect yourself from the polluted air surrounding you. The Xiaomi Haze Face Mask has been designed with a high quality 5 layered filter, this will enable the mask to filter all kinds of particles. PM2.5 Protection F95 high-efficiency protection standard can effectively resist particles above PM0.3, and the PM2.5 filter efficiency is up to 99.97%. Double-Layer Protection The inner layer adopts 360-degree adaptive sealing ring (food-grade material) while the outer layer adopts strong but lightweight material, which provide double protection for both sides of the nose and chin, etc to effectively keep polluted particles out. High-quality Mask FilterThe filter adopts 5-layer high-efficiency filter, which can filter different kinds of particles including haze, PM 2.5 particles etc. Airflow Hole Design The skin-friendly material, anti-bacteria, anti-dirty and anti water-splash, with airflow holes, comfortable to breathe. Two Ways to Wear Two different wear manners including normal and sealed wear meet your different needs. Warm Note The filter should replace regularly. Specifications BrandXiaomi ModelFWMKZ01XY MaterialMicrofiber+TPE SizeOne size fits most Suitable CrowdsAdults CertificationRoHS, PM 2.5 Standard, Oe-ko-Tex100 Product Weight25g Package Size17.7 x 6.3 x 15.5 cm Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Face Mask, 1 x Manual

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