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45W L-shape Replacement AC Power Adapter Laptop Charger for Apple 45W replacement AC adapter, low power consumption. Replace the old or broken power adapter. Compatible with G3 / G4 All Snow / White, iBook G4, PowerBook G4 Compatible part numbers: M8482, A1036, M8482LL/A, M8482LLA, 661-2790, 661-2736, 661-3049, 661-3345. These power adapters have 4 kinds of plugs (US/AU/EU/UK plug) for you to choose. Choose the right power adapter before buying. Specifications Name AC Power Adapter Power 45W Input AC 100-240V Output DC 24V 1.875A Plug Adapter Type US, AU, EU, UK(Optional) Package Weight 220g Package Size (L x W x H) 19.5 x 13.0 x 4.5cm Package Contents 1 x Replacement AC Power Adapter
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