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This book gives an introduction to Plastic Mould Design with an industrial example of GO Filter Bracket. GO Filter Bracket part is used for assembly Fuel Filter with Lower Air Intake Manifold. The function is to assemble the Fuel Filter on Go Filter Bracket. After this subassembly, Fuel Filter is assembled on LOWER AIM. The part is engineered with thermoplastic PA66 GF 30 %. Mould design is done for 1 cavity because of low volumes production rate (40000 shots/year).The mould has to be designed for ENGEL 200T injection molding machine and with hot runner feed system. 2D & 3D CAD data of the mold to be generated using CATIA V5 Software. CAD Data will be used to enable the conventional and NC manufacturing (CAM). This injection mould design activity is an initiation to start tooling activities in CATIA V5 in the organization.
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