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Radio Network Planning is the process of assigning frequencies, transmitter locations and parameters of a wireless communications system to provide sufficient coverage and capacity.It remains an essential process for network operators. 4G also known as "Beyond 3G"- refers to the fourth generation of wireless communications. Network operators are deploying 4G wireless networks to effectively deliver next-generation broadband services to an expanding base of consumers eager to experience media-rich applications. Still operators are quite aware of the fact that effective 4G radio planning indeed is a challenging issue. Again, from academic perspective, the detail of this radio planning process isn’t easily available for a thorough understanding. As a result, it almost has become a common view to leave this domain to industry alone. While 4G LTE promises to increase network capacity, improve QoS and significantly enhance data rates; brings new design challenges. This book aims to cover the 4G radio network planning process through LTE. A blended approach- combining background theory and practical through Dhaka city LTE radio planning using necessary simulators has been followed here.
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