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Filmed on June 26th 2015 as THE WHO celebrated their fiftieth anniversary, this stunning show from London's famous Hyde Park is a triumphant return to their home city. On a glorious summer evening the band delivered a brilliant performance of all their greatest hits in front of a 65,000 strong crowd. With a series of stunning backdrops making full use of the huge screens surrounding the stage and an exceptional light show this is a Who concert on a grand scale but as Pete Townshend says at the start of the show "You're a long way away.. .but we will reach you!". He's absolutely true to his word. Содержание: 01. I Can't Explain 02. Who Are You 03. The Kids Are Alright 04. Pictures Of Lily 05. I Can See For Miles 06. My Generation 07. Behind Blue Eyes 08. Bargain 09. Join Together 10. You Better You Bet 11. I'm One 12. Love Reign O'er Me 13. Eminence Front 14. Amazing Journey / Overture / Sparks 15. Pinball Wizard 16. See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You 17. Baba O'Riley 18. Won't Get Fooled AgainBONUS TRACKS: 01. The Seeker 02. The Kids Are Alright 03. You Better You Bet 04. Squeeze Box

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