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Shorttitle This book investigates the muroyi(witch) and uroyi(witchcraft) beliefs among the Karanga people. It starts by a survey of witchcraft beliefs as they obtain in the Shona novels, poetry and folktales before it delves into the details and specifics of the Karanga beliefs.The book explores as well as interrogating the Karanga belief system with the aim of finding out the rationale behind the belief system. The author argues that the western definition of a witch does not embrace the Karanga people''s conception of a witch. The book, therefore, offers a tentative definition of a witch which the author feels is encompassing.Different types of witches, thier familiars and thier methods of operation are interrogated and discussed. The final chapter of the book deals with both the negatve and positive functions of the beliefs in the Karanga society.

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