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original xiaomi speaker pencil box xiaomi bluetooth 4 2 speaker 2 square stereo hd sound quality portable bluetooth wireless купить по лучшей цене

Use Coupon Code 12d597 and get final price of only $20.39... More details you can see from the video: One of our customer's video review as followed: How to use: 1. There is only one button (power switch). You keep long press and then the speaker is turned on. When you want to turn it off, just keep long press again. 2. Change the volume and song all by your mobile phone or other devices. 3. There is one USB port for charging (USB cable not included). Standby time up to 10 hours. Wonderful sound. Outstanding high, mediant, bass sound. 1200mAh battery: Plays about 10 hours. Easy to carry when go out. Square design, ABS and aluminium alloy material makes it decent and elegant. Smooth edge. Comfortable touch. Just press switch button lightly. Support Blue 4.0. Better compatiblity and save power. Valid scope can reach 10m. Note : This is Xiaomi speaker's new style as followed Specification: Basic Specification Brand Xiaomi Compatible With Most of devices with Bluetooth function Bluetooth Version 4.0 Effective Distance About 10m Frequency Range 2.4GHz~2.48GHz Frequency Response 100Hz~20KHz Suport Audio Protocol A2DP, AVRCP, HFP Outpot Power 1.8W X 2 Music Time About 10 hours Battery Capacity 1200mAh Impedance 4 Size 154.5 x 62 x 25.3mm Color White Package Included: Original Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker (USB cable not included)
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