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Brief Introduction : Original Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb is a great home lighting tool. It makes you enjoy and feel the wonderful lighting experience, fully adopting high quality LED chips, and the white lights with adjustable brightness. It will bring you the pure, comfortable daily lighting experience and long working lifetime. The WiFi control light uses professional high-temperature resistance capacitance as a power core device to ensure the Yeelight has a longer working lifetime and more reliable function. Wholeheartedly, we just create an excellent lighting experience for you. Description: Original Xiaomi Mi Yeelight E27 8W White LED Smart Light Bulb Smartphone App WIFI Control AC220V Brand : Xiaomi Yeelight Model: LED Smart Bulb Connector : E27 Certification : CE,ROHS Warranty : 12 months Color Temperature: 4000K Average Life(hrs): 25000 Wattage :8W Voltage : AC220V Light Color : White Dimmable : Yes Lumens : 600Lm Beam Angle : 360Degree Product Weight : 0.145kg Dimension :12.000 x 5.500 x 5.500 cm / 4.724 x 2.165 x 2.165 inches Package Included : 1 x Xiaomi Mi Yeelight E27 8W Smart Bulb Detail pictures : Feature : Dimmable Bulb : You can free to adjust the light brightness Super Compatibility : Fit most smartphones, tablets, PC, suitable for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / iPad Pro / iPad Energy-saving Mode : More energy-saving than ordinary light bulb, long service time The pure white light can achieve a small range of lighting needs, such as desk lamps, etc. High-performance LED light source can make visual effect, more prominent and light softer to protect your eyes Easy to use, only need to screw bulb into an E27 lamp-socket and connect your device You can download the App by scanning QR code on the user manual.
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